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Keep truckin is a well know and commonly used providers of eld within the industry. One of the most important things is that is  FMCSA registered which means in simple terms that you will never have to do with issue regarding compliance.To clarify FMCSA which stands for federal motor carrier safety administration is the same body that published the EMD rule for the eld mandate. Now we move on to the Keep truckin eld review.

In this review we will cover several aspects of the e log provided by keep truckin to help you determine whether this provider is the right match for you or not.

Fleet size

In terms of fleet size keep truckin eld is open to any size making suitable for small fleets and the opposite side of the spectrum with large fleets.


The pricing for keeptruckin seems to be relatively affordable and flexible as it provides you with a variety of plans to match your needs. Starting just from $20 per month a unit this plans includes Electronic logs ,  vehicle inspections , Gps tracking ,and geofencing. Oh and not to forget this is also compliant so this would be enough for you to go.

With that being said you can see that this is one of the reasons so many people and companies chose this provider. The monthly plan removes the need to pay a large amount of cash in the being. This obviously brings cash flow benefits and removes the Price and cost of the being the reason a ELD may be difficult to implement to your fleet.

The slightly more expensive plan at $35 includes everything the previous plan provides plus more useful features such as IFTA reporting, wifi hotspot, vehicle diagnostics , and much more. You can decide which plan you go for but these extra features seem to be well worth the value and may be a saving grace for you in the future.


There are many features that come with keeptruckin which we will thoroughly explore here.


One of the attractive and helpful features they have provided is GPS Tracking. Yes that means you can see the exact location of your fleet in real time. Not only does it track the location of the trucks but also provides location history so you can which exact routes the vehicle has taken. Furthermore you can use this to analyse routes and efficiencies.

Another advantage of this is that you can plan and optimize routes in real time while the driver is on the road since you have their exact location at the moment of time. 

After reading this one of the questions that may be in your mind how does this work? What are the innner workings of this? We shall explain. Being inquisitive is a good thing. Especially when choosing an eld but we digress. Basically the gps coordinates are sent to the system every 30 seconds which then  makes it possible to view the exact location via the user interface.

Once this data collected it is then stored by their servers and secured via multiple backups as claimed meaning that whovever needs you view the location history saved can do so whenver they desire.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Once the ELD is installed it will allow you to view issues via fault codes while also alerting you in real time giving you ample opportunity to address these issues before they transpire which could possibly save you money. Again the eld constantly monitors the engine for fault codes. The descriptions provided are said to be descriptive making that much easier to address.

Vehicle utilization

As self explanatory as it sounds this allows you to see how the vehicle is being used that may affect fuel efficiency. So that means it can track if it the vehicle is not being used so efficiently. For example if the driver is idling exceedingly  it would alert you. This means you can then identify provide said drivers with some coaching to help them. On the other hand it can help you identify the drivers who are efficient which you can then reward and so on. You can see the advantages of this and all in all it  ultimately leads to efficiency which in term saves you money and improves the performance of the drivers.

If you are interested in how this works, basically an idle instance is recognized once the engine has been left on while the vehicle is stationary for more than 10 seconds. After this variouse details of this instance are tracked such as the location and time of which the vehicle was idle. Furthermore, the amount of fuel used during this period can also be tracked.

Track your assets

Listen, the gps feature opens the door for alot more things and this is one of them. Asset tracking.. To clarify this allows you to plan in real time what to do what wil happen when the assets reach a certain area. This feature is called geofencing. It allows yous to create an area where you will be alerted when the driver reaches there. This is especially useful in countering the unfortunate event of a theft. Another advantage of this is that reduces the amount of time the dispatcher or end user of the delivery will have to be idle as they will know in precise and accurate detail when the delivery is set to arrive. This will ensure the customer is happy and strengthen the relationship which is always good for business.

With all the pro and enterprise plan comes a feature called facility insights. This basically allows you to view information such as the average truck durations at specific warehouses which you can view by entering the adress. This then allows you to plan ahead of time taking into account this information making for a more efficient trip.This is basically done by using the information of different trucks that have made a trip to the facility before however they do claim the data is shown in a way in which it makes said truck anonymous.

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